Half Treble and Washcloth Tutorial

June 1, 2010

:: Okay here goes ::

:: First off I use a Half Treble Crochet (htc) for my washcloths, thats a Half Double Crochet (hdc) to you American type folks! ::

:: I’ll do the stitch tutorial and then give the pattern for the washcloth ::

:: yarn over hook (yoh) insert hook into top of next stitch ::

:: pick up yarn and pull back through stitch, you should have three loops on your hook ::

:: Pick up yarn again and pull through all three loops at once, and there you have it! ::

:: I personally love this stitch and prefer it to the more widely used Treble (US Double) Crochet, as I find it gives a tighter, firmer stitch which is generally what I am after. ::

:: Okay and the perfect place to practice this lovely old stitch, a washcloth, for either your dishes or your face it’s entirely up to you ::

:: I used a 5mm hook, and worstead weight cotton yarn ::

Row 1 – ch25, insert hook into 2nd ch from hook, htc to end of row, ch2, turn.

Row 2 – htc to end of row

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 another 18 times and cast (bind) off

For a border, pick a mid point along one side of your cloth, pick up yarn and work htc (hdc) along the edge, the spaces should be quite obvious, when you get to the corners work 2 htc (hdc) ch2 2 htc (hdc) into the corner, this will bring you round to the next edge…like so…

(sorry not a great pic – taken at night) You can see the four stitches worked into the corner, then continuing along the next edge, do this all the way round, until you meet your first stitch, join with a ss (slip stitch) to the top chain of the first stitch and then cast (bind) off  invisibly (sew your loose ends into the stitches so you can’t see it)

Snip off any loose ends, and there you have it. Completed cloth.

and as a bit of an extra below…

I like to stripe my colours so here’s how i change without having wonky colours

:: put your new colour on your hook, and pull through the the top chain of the last stitch you made ::

:: Give the old colour a wee pull to tighten the chain, and then ch2 in your new colour and carry on ::

and to keep your yarn neat when changing colours…

:: As you work the last stitch of your 2nd row, bring up your other colour (white) and then draw your stitches through as normal, it just traps the yarn higher up, and makes the edges neater and easier to work ::

let me know what made sense and what didn’t as this is a first for me y’know!

:: Enjoy ::

(and no giggling at my pyjamas lol!)

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