Knitting school cardigans…

January 30, 2015

…is more enjoyable when you keep good company.



Round our way…

January 19, 2015








We’ve been experiencing some beautiful winter sunsets, such magnificent skies. Norfolk is a county where they can truly be experienced to their fullest.

I might have a new kitchen, but no one ever told me that there would have to be some kind of method to where things actually got put! I seem to be putting stuff away, living with it for a week or so, and then having to shuffle things about so that they ‘work’. Thinking about it, I’ve never actually had a ‘real kitchen’ with you know cupboards and stuff! So perhaps this is knowledge that one would normally acquire over the years?

Despite the mess I made everything got cleared away, and we are steadily getting used to the conveniences of a well ordered room. I never realised that meal times could be so quick and simple to organise, and well, enjoyable!

Last but not least, the delectable Margo is continuing to grow, chewing up every available piece of wood in the basket (which so far has meant the furniture has survived!) and just generally being super cute.
The Girls can sometimes find her a bit overwhelming, especially when the fangs come out, but nips are very few and far between, and slowly, very slowly, the Girls are learning that their excitement / behaviour influences the dogs.

Oh and that slippers are not toys, especially when they are still attached to your feet – ouch!


Say hello to Margo!

January 3, 2015





I have the feeling that posts will be few and far between for a little while if this wee bundle of spots and excitement has anything to do with it!

Every time I think I’ve got a spare minute, I discover the little minx eating the Christmas Tree, rooting through the recycling bin or trying to climb into the fridge whenever it is opened…

I’d forgotten what having a puppy in the house was like, and I can tell you that it is a whole other experience with children in the house too.

More patience than we ever thought we had is needed, as The Girls are struggling with understanding that she is a pet and not a toy or dolly to be picked up every moment, I’m hoping it will come in time, but until then; does anyone having any tips for training your children when a new puppy arrives?


Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2014


Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you xx


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

December 24, 2014

Quick Christmas Cards

December 12, 2014





Printing of two ilks has been happening in our household this week.

I opted for a lino cut, which came out surprisingly okay considering I could only find one of my cutting tools…

And The Girls got going with that stalwart of children’s craft activities – the potato print!

Add a sprinkle of glitter and our cards are complete, shame I haven’t got round to writing and sending them yet!

Still there’s always next week!!


Kitchen, Christingle and Cows

December 7, 2014





A slightly random collection of things, but a busy Sunday none the less.

Since this photo was taken there is a little bit more on the walls and the room is a little nearer to being finished.

Even though there’s two Sundays of Advent under our belts, the Christingle service, led by our local Guides really starts to make me think Christmas is on its way, children, candlelight and carols, it’s a pretty magical combination.

A bit of ‘leave it till the last possible moment’ sewing happened too. The Smallest is a cow in the school Nativity and I flatly refused to pay in the region of £15 for a costume she would wear only three times. Splotches sewn to brown dungarees, a swishy tail and floppy ears and a pair of horns, and not forgetting the rubber glove udders! And we have a costume put together for the cost of the gloves (99p) and the time it took to see it together…

Ooh! And I cooked my first ever roast in the new oven, wow, just wow!

Is everyone finding all their ‘days off’ rather full on?


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